Promotions, Production, Website & Social Media Director, Producer, Host of Living For The Weekend

What would ya say you do here?
A little bit of everything!  I produce and voice many of the commercials you hear on WMRC.  I coordinate and execute many of our station, social media and website promotions and giveaways.  I oversee the updating of our social media sites and WMRC Daily  You can also hear me on Friday’s at noon on my show Living For The Weekend as well as some of our other local specialty shows.

Favorite Music
I listen to just about everything.  Right now I am into modern country.  Love that country beach music.  But if you hit shuffle on my iPod you’d hear everything from Sinatra to Metallica to Backstreet Boys to Jerry Reed.

Favorite movies:
Jaws, The Back to the Future Trilogy, Meatballs, Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters

Favorite TV shows:
Of all time… Cheers, Wings, Dukes of Hazzard.  Right now… Parks and Recreation, Community, 24, Game of Thrones, Brooklyn 99, Modern Family, The Middle.

Favorite books:
The Hunger Games, Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries, Tom Bergeron’s I’m Hosting As Fast As I Can, Howard Stearn’s Private Parts, The DaVinci Code, Gene Wilder’s Kiss Me Like a Stranger

Favorite Foods:
Buffalo wings… that is all…

Favorite local town and why:
Milford.  My family came here over 45 years ago when my grandfather opened Ray and Dick’s Bakery with his brother.  Although I grew up about 45 minutes away, Milford has always been a second home to me.  It was very easy to settle in when I moved here 5 years ago.

Favorite restaurants in the area:
Pepperoncini’s in Milford, Casey’s Pub in Holliston… I host trivia nights there Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively and I love the food there.  Also I love the sushi at Wanakora!

Favorite local activities:
Going Southwick’s Zoo with the kids.  Family Night at the Bandstand in Milford.  Seeing local bands play at local bars and festivals.  The Mendon Drive-in

Pet peeves:
Lazy people, auto-tuning, lip synching, people who can’t park within the lines, uneven edges.

Guilty pleasures:
Being lazy… and The Backstreet Boys

Reality show you would most likely be on:
I have always wanted to be on The Amazing Race.  Maybe Big Brother… I had an audition once but never went.

Where could we find you on a sunny weekend afternoon?
Either outside with the kids playing in the back yard or on the couch catching up on tv shows and movies with the air conditioner on.

Do you collect anything?
I used to collect sports cards and action figures… no money in that anymore, at least the stuff I have.  Now I just collect musical projects… no money there either!

Do you have any unique skills?
I can juggle three balls.  I have an extensive knowledge of useless pop culture trivia and facts.

Best concert you attended:
Probably front row at Van Halen circa 1991 at the Centrum.  Def Leppard and Poison two years ago is a close second.

Words of wisdom:
Live like you were dying