Get The Most From Your Investment

Media options change almost daily.  When accountability is critical,  working with MyFM Media offers outstanding return on investment using the marketing mix that is right for you.

Radio’s reach and daily presence provide a competitive edge

Consumers spend a significant part of their day listening to the radio. It delivers higher adult reach than newspapers and television in all dayparts, from early morning to early evening. (Source: BBM-RTS Fall 10)

This ongoing, daily presence in the marketplace is key to creating a competitive edge enabling advertisers to stand out in the increasing volume of consumer-targeted messages.

Radio’s cost efficiency allows advertisers to be heard not only every day but multiple times throughout the day. This average frequency is critically important for quickly delivering advertising responses – online visits, store traffic, sales, brand recall, and intent-to-purchase.

Radio Builds Brand Awareness

  • Create an ongoing daily presence with high exposure from morning to night every day.
  • Become a part of our listeners’ daily routines of tuning in to our scheduled news, weather, sports, and other great programming.

Radio Gets Personal

Listeners develop an emotional connection with their favorite stations. They tune in regularly and predictably, and they trust the information they hear. Listeners believe their station is speaking directly to them.

Radio Connects

Radio engages the listener’s imagination and creates a vivid theater of the mind. That’s why radio advertising has the power to penetrate barriers, inspire thought, create action, and deliver results.

Radio is Effective Advertising for …

  • Generating brand recall in a consumer’s market.
  • Dominating markets with brand recognition.
  • Creating strong product awareness and demand.

Radio Works

Win credibility, stay on top of your competition, and increase the bottom line.  MyFM Media is your resource for local radio advertising support, inspiration, and the tools you need for on-air success.