At MyFM Media, we focus on results, not sales.  When we agree to work together as partners, that’s where the work begins.  We promise we won’t ask for your business unless we have a solid plan to improve it.  We will bring you results by providing you with the highest standards of professional excellence, service and satisfaction in the industry today.  We live, work, and play in this community and we value strong local businesses and brands.  We take great pride in seeing these communities get stronger and stronger with the results MyFM Media can bring.

"On behalf of my family, we would like to take this opportunity to thank MyFM and residents of the area for their generosity during the 7th Annual MyFM Radiothon. The Radiothon is the major contributor to the Oliva Fund for Cancer Care at Milford Regional Medical Center and without it the fund would not be able to continue providing comfort and care for our neighbors during their battle with cancer.

It is always a pleasure to partner with MyFM. In these difficult financial times we are extremely grateful for the incredible effort MyFM puts forth to ensure the success of this event and their passion for making our community such a special place.

Each year, MyFM’s Radiothon continues to grow with love and support. My family and I are humble and so appreciative. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Gina Oliva Tarolli, Owner
Oliva Fund for Cancer Care

"When Trinity Episcopal Church sought to expand its "Community Dinner" program, it found a solid partner in MyFM, the area’s longtime, local radio station.

The station"s willingness to promote Trinity"s meals was instrumental in facilitating the Church"s ability to more than double attendance at mealtime and thereby feed a larger number of hungry citizens. MyFM"s popularity and generosity brought a larger number of local folks to the meals for both nourishment and fellowship.

To break bread with our fellow human beings is a gift, and MyFM radio allowed Trinity Church to share that gift with an ever-growing community. We"re honored to have the station as our partner, and MyFM can take great pride in the positive effect it has on the local community."

James E. Thayer, Parishioner
Trinity Episcopal Church

"In planning a town wide event, there are two intangibles that are absolutely paramount to success: 1) Buzz to build the excitement before the event and 2) Energy to charge the air at the event.  Without those, all the pragmatic planning in the world will not give you success.

For the past 4 years, we at Celebrate Holliston have depended on Ray Auger of MyFM Milford as our decisive resource on both of these fronts.  Pre-event, Ray has used his on air talents to built excitement and boost attendance.  On the day of our event, Ray’s personality has provided energy and professionalism to our parade & stage.  His ability to charge and engage the crowd gave our event that indescribably air of success.

Having Ray and MyFM partner with us on Holliston’s largest town event is simply wonderful.  (It also helps that Ray is such a fantastic person to work with; not only talented, but dependable and responsible with excellent communication skills)."

Theresa Lamkin, President
Celebrate Holliston

"I might say, “Unbelievable,” to the $90,000 raised by the MyFM Radiothon this year for the Oliva Fund For Cancer Care, if I didn’t know the staff at MyFM. But, hey, it’s MyFM and they really do Make It Happen! To Tom McAuliffe and his outstanding group of broadcast professionals at MyFM, words are not sufficient in thanking you for your tireless support of Milford Regional Medical Center. We are so fortunate to have you as our partner in better serving the healthcare needs of our patients. Thank you!"

Terri McDonald, Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Milford Regional Medical Center

"As a regional school district comprised of 13 towns, the ability to communicate with our parents, families, and community members is a vital challenge. Fortunately for Blackstone Valley Tech, MyFM - First Class Radio can always be counted on as a steadfast partner in sharing good news and important information with the community. No matter the topic at hand, MyFM"s commitment to accuracy and fairness does not waiver. The Blackstone Valley is fortunate to have MyFM - First Class Radio as steward of its local airwaves."

Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Superintendent-Director
Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School

"MyFM’s Radiothon to benefit the Milford Regional Medical Center, and in particular the Oliva Fund for Cancer Care, is a tremendous boost for the local area.  Over the past seven years MyFM has raised over $300,000 for this cause, and now the sky is the limit.

Throughout the year MyFM promotes the Radiothon by creating and sponsoring local events like the Blarney Breakfast and the Rugged Maniac 5K obstacle race, and generally helping the community stay both informed and involved in the Oliva Fund.  All in all a phenomenal year round effort that affects the lives of too many people to mention."

Tony Gallo, Owner
Gallo Moving & Storage

"MyFM Radio is THE place to get all the local news, sports and weather. We live in an age of bigger is better, particularly in the media news world where newspapers and small media outlets are disappearing as they are absorb by larger and larger corporations with little to no understanding of who is who and what is what on the local level.

Standing tall against that tide is MyFM. That small but powerful radio station provides all the information that people in the Greater Milford Area need. The success of the station in doing so is recognized year after year by its larger peers throughout the state when the time comes to pick a “Station of the Year”, and MyFM continues to win the award. That recognition does not come by accident. The owner and staff at MyFM work tirelessly to perfect their craft and provide the people what they want in an insightful and honest fashion.

When a local issue requires in depth analysis or exposure, MyFM provides the experienced voice of Ed Thompson, and he provides the time and opportunity to explore that issue so people are informed and involved in the discussion in a way no other station today does. It is quite common to hear people start their day at the office with a discussion of what they heard on the morning show on MyFM.

Radio remains the place where creativity in local media programming remains a vital opportunity and MyFM leads the way in showing other stations how to make that happen."

John Fernandes, Massachusetts State Representative
State of Massachusetts

"When Station Manager Tom McAuliffe approached the Hospital about doing a Radiothon many years ago, we thought he was crazy. Through his efforts and countless hours of work, MyFM has produced and aired the premier Radiothon in the area. The money raised through their efforts has brought aid and comfort to hundreds if not thousands of local cancer patients and their families. MyFM is a true gem in this region!!!"

Steven G. Ellis, CPCU, President
Bright Insurance/Jensen Sheehan Insurance

"One of the first reactions I get from folks outside our area is "you have your own radio station?" But it"s more than that. MyFM is constantly striving to be, and certainly is an integral part of our community. It doesn"t matter where your particular interests lie because at MyFM they cover it all. MyFM has something for everyone in the Greater Milford area. I"ve had the pleasure of participating in several of MyFM"s initiatives and the level of dedication, heart and soul, is unmatched. We"re lucky to have MyFM!"

Tony Chiarelli, President
Landmark Associates

"MyFM’s support, through their involvement in programs like the Oliva Fund for Cancer Care, has been incredibly helpful to our Hospital and to the patients and families we serve.  Tom and his MyFM family are wonderful people and great colleagues who care deeply about their community."

Frank Saba, CEO
Milford Regional Medical Center