Very few small business owners have any formal training in advertising and marketing. Many open a new business and then just “wing it.” More often than not, the results are disappointing.  We specialize in helping local businesses grow through cost ­effective targeted advertising. With the right audience, and enough frequency, your advertising dollars can provide a tangible return on investment. Our goal is to make your job easier by reaching enough of the right customers to positively impact your business. The secret formula for advertising success comes down to this: What you say times how many times you say it!

We don’t just sell advertising. We produce marketing campaigns designed to help you grow your business. With that in mind, listed below are answers to several Frequently Asked Questions about advertising.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please e-mail us.

Do I need to advertise?

If you’re in business, you need to advertise!  The biggest brand names in America never stop advertising.  Mcdonald’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Geico, Progressive Casualty Company, Macy’s, and Indeed.com consistently use a marketing mix of traditional and digital advertising.  (The brands above are the top national radio advertisers in 2020).

Why do these companies spend so much to advertise well-known brand names?  They understand people are buying every day and they want to be top of mind when it’s purchase decision time.

How do I get started?

It starts with a conversation about YOUR business.  We can’t help you become more profitable if we don’t understand you and your business.  Contact us for a custom marketing needs analysis. After answering a series of questions and telling us what you want to accomplish, we can design a custom marketing plan.

What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?

1) “Spraying and Praying!”  There are business owners who think they need to do a little of everything instead of doing one thing well.  It’s been said, “I throw my advertising dollars against the wall and hope some of it sticks.”  You don’t need to “hope something sticks”.  Advertise with frequency and consistency of message in one place.  Then as you grow expand to other stations or platforms.

2) Quitting before advertising can work.  Advertising is like trying to get in shape.  The beginning is the hardest part and the benefits truly begin when you make a commitment and stick to it.  In order to get your desired body shape or weight from working out, you must earn it by sticking to your plan. Successful advertising is no different.

3) “Laundry Lists”.  The more you try to cram into an ad the less effective it becomes.  This goes for audio, video, digital, print, and outdoor advertising.  Stick to your Unique Selling Proposition and the benefits you offer to your customers.  The less you ask them to remember, the more they will remember you.

What’s a positioning statement?

All major companies use positioning statements.  Wal-Mart’s very effective positioning statement is “Always the lowest price, always”.  This statement lets you know exactly what this business is about!  Use your positioning statement in all your advertising (radio, digital, social media, print, TV).  Just try to keep it to 3 to 5 words and be sure it hits on your unique selling position.  When people hear you’re positioning statement, they should easily recognize who you are and what you do.

I want to build my business, what do you suggest?

Be honest with your expectations and the investment you’re willing to make.  Companies buy more ads and bigger schedules for a reason.  If you want to grow your business, you need to commit the time and money to make it work.  Radio reaches more people, and social and digital advertising is more targeted.  Best to start with reach to introduce your brand to more people, then target those people with digital and social.

What’s the best way to advertise?

Unless you’re having a sale or special event, consistent advertising yields the greatest long-term benefits. Not everyone needs your products or services today, so advertising for one week or month is a crap shoot.

For best results, remind a large group of consumers who are most likely to do business with you about your unique selling proposition over and over. When any of our listeners, fans, and followers need your product, you want your business top-of-mind.

How long does it take for advertising to begin working?

This depends on what you’re selling and the offer you’re making.  Tell people to visit you for a free $20.00 bill and you’ll have a traffic jam outside your business.  Offer “5% off on Tuesdays if you say you heard it on the radio” will not produce good results, if any.

People will not respond to your message until they need you.  Think about it.  You only replace your brakes when necessary.  You visit a healthcare professional for a specific health reason.  You only hire a lawyer when you need legal help.  No offer or amount of advertising will make people respond to advertising if they don’t need your service at the time.

We tell our new custom marketing plan clients, “In three months you’ll want to cancel, in six months you will think it will work but you’re just not sure, and in twelve months you’ll tell your friends this is one of the best investments you’ve made in your business.”  Stick with your plan and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy return on investment.

Where should I advertise?

It doesn’t matter “where” you advertise if you don’t have a message that connects with the consumers you want to reach.  At MyFM Media, we believe your message is the most important element of your marketing campaign.  Once your campaign is ready, we’ll place it on the right platforms to succeed.

Who makes my commercial?

We can produce your commercial, or we can suggest an outside production house.  MyFM Media does not charge advertisers to create their ads.

Our custom marketing plan advertisers receive agency quality production from our Creative Services Department, and our sales/event/occasional advertisers receive professional standard production.

Our mission is to create top-quality advertising that works. How?  By listening to the client to find out what their true needs and goals are. Spending the time required to develop the right message best serves the client’s needs.

What should I say in my ads?

Ask yourself, “Why should someone do business with me?” Be specific. “What truly makes me a better choice than my competitors?” “What makes us special?” “What is our Unique Selling Position?” Take a look at your strengths versus your competitor’s weaknesses that can result in taking business from them.

Our goal is to grow your business by getting you your unfair share of the market’s dollars from your competition.

What will it cost to make my ad?

At MyFM Media, both writing and producing your ad are free. We provide standard voiceover production for all occasional advertisers and complete agency quality production via our Creative Services Department for all Custom Marketing Plan clients.

I’m a small business with a small budget – can I still advertise effectively?

The bare minimum recommended spending can be as low as $300.00 per month based on some specific goals and limitations.  We can develop a plan that delivers consistent advertising throughout the month but remember, the smaller the budget the longer it takes to get results.  Contact us so we can suggest a plan of attack.

How does a buying cycle affect my business?

Needs create buying cycles. As a business owner, you want consumers to think of you when they need your goods or services. A specific listener may not need an attorney, dishwasher, new sidewalk, or retirement plan today. But, what about those who need these items next week, next month … or next year?

Create your business as a point of destination in the mind of the consumer. When they have forgotten about your competitor’s ad minutes after they pass over it in print, you’ll be there to TELL them your story, with consistency, day after day. That’s how you create Top-of-Mind-Awareness and that’s how to fight through the consumer buying cycle.

Should I do a ‘remote’ (live broadcast)?

Live broadcasts are great for grabbing attention for a major event or sale. Our radio stations provide talent, engineering, and great visibility. In most cases, weekend broadcasts are booked a month, or more, in advance. Contact us to check on available dates and times.

What’s a ‘Custom Marketing Plan’?

This is a marketing recap we provide after you’ve completed a marketing analysis.  Custom Marketing Plans provide recommendations on how to best achieve advertising success based exclusively on your goals and needs.

What are your payment terms/credit policies?

We accept cash, checks, or credit cards (MasterCard and Visa).  We are also pleased to extend payment terms with approved credit.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Signing off on your approval to run an advertising campaign is standard procedure.  It protects you with a rate guarantee and provides written permission and consent for us to promote your business.

I tried radio once and it didn’t work, why would it work this time?

Because we go through a regimented process including a marketing analysis, custom marketing plan, and creative demo commercial.  This process puts all the odds for success in your favor.  Our Business Development Specialists are trained not to be good salespeople, but intelligent marketers.  Suggesting a campaign that does not work is as unacceptable to us as it is to you.

What is co-op advertising?

It’s advertising paid partially by you and partially by one of your vendors.  For instance, you may carry a new widget from Acme Company.  Acme would pay 50% or more of your advertising bill for sharing time in your ads.  Contact your vendors and ask if you have co-op dollars available.

I don’t have a large budget, what do you suggest?

First, complete a custom marketing analysis or meet with one of our Business Development Specialists.  We can then suggest if the occasional special would be best for you, or if you can afford to invest in a small single station name awareness marketing plan.