Dick Ferrucci
Business Development Specialist

What would ya say you do here?  I try every day to promote all the great things offered here at MyFM, and guide clients to achieve their goals and success.

Favorite Music: Always Rock n Roll.

Favorite movies:  It’s a Wonderful Life, Dr. Zhivago

Favorite TV shows:  All in the Family

Favorite books:  Bible

Favorite Foods: Almost all Italian but especially pasta and veal dishes

Favorite local town and why:  Mendon because if it’s an incredible beginning

Favorite restaurants in the area:  Anything local, but especially Alicante, New England Steak & Seafood, Galliford’s.

Favorite local activities:  Visiting the Zoo, and Summer Baseball.:

Guilty pleasures: Old cars and trucks, all sports, and a little poker never hurt anyone.

Reality show you would most likely be on: Survivor

Where could we find you on a weekend afternoon?  In my backyard smoking a nice cigar.

Do you collect anything?  Only dollar bills.

Do you have any unique skills?  Good organizer.

Best concert you attended:  Frank Sinatra & the Rat Pack

Words of wisdom:  “If the window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”