Let MyFM Media Help Tell Your Story!
We deliver the tools to help find and retain your best customers.

  • Radio advertising on air
  • Online station website advertising
  • Live remotes & appearances on location
  • Variety of content delivered on demand
  • Custom promotions & contests
  • Concerts & event calendars
  • Streaming, banners & video

  • Personalities, endorsements & voices
  • Traffic, news & sports updates
  • Community & charity tie-ins
  • Event marketing, sampling & hospitality
  • Email database campaigns
  • Social media integration
  • Supporting & improving our communities

We Bring Customers to Your Business!

Within Massachusetts, there is an extremely diverse region teeming with unique shopping locales, premier restaurants & entertainment, and every possible business or service you could imagine.

This vibrant and affluent market is served by ONE locally owned and operated radio station MyFM 101.3, and we’re proud to be “In The Heart Of It All,” each and every day!

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