Sue Grady
Business Development Specialist

What would ya say you do here? Sales covering the Bellingham area and beyond as I have clients all around the surrounding towns. Street Team events with my partner Johnny!! Workplace of the Week surprises on Fridays and even some commercials.

Favorite Music: Enjoy all kinds of music, no real favorite. I wake up to and drive to work listening to MyFM 101.3!!

Favorite Movies: Watch all kinds of movies. My friends will tell you I’m not a fan of scary ones though.

Favorite TV shows: Way too many great dramas and comedies to name them all. Thankful for on demand, especially when shows are on the same time or I fall asleep. 

Favorite Foods: Lobster and pizza (before Plan Z) are just a few of my favorites.

Favorite local town and why: The Ham’s. Grew up in Framingham and moved to Bellingham.

Favorite restaurants in the area: Don’t eat out a lot but prefer to eat and support local when I do.

Favorite local activities: Walking and shopping.

Pet peeves: Unanswered ?’s, typos and messes.

Guilty pleasures: Chocolate and Hallmark/Lifetime movies

Reality show you would most likely be on: None that I can think of since I don’t watch them.

Where could we find you on a sunny weekend afternoon? At the beach, outside, with family or friends.

Do you collect anything? Magnets.

Do you have any unique skills? Not so much unique but I am neat and organized.

Best concert you attended: Haven’t gone to any recently, so let’s go with my kids when they were in the band.

Words of wisdom: Life, Love, Laugh!!!