Creative Services

Like any advertising medium, there’s a “right” way to do radio and a “wrong” way.  The right way is to craft commercials that motivate listeners to take action. The wrong way is to let a clever idea hijack the process and sacrifice results for creativity.

Market Radio uses a time-tested, proven process to uncover opportunity within a business, and then write and produce our radio commercials.

Each idea we present will grab the listener’s attention, present the most compelling benefit(s), present an irresistible offer and then rally the consumer with an urgent call to action.

That may sound like a strict recipe for boring radio commercials. And truth be told, our commercials are more likely to deliver substance than flash.  But for all the bells and whistles and crazy sound effects you could cram into a radio commercial, the only sound that truly matters is the ringing of the cash register.

Multimedia Marketing

“With the world moving faster than ever people expect to be able to access what they want, where they want, and when they want it.” – Adweek, September 2014

At MyFM Media we influence, persuade, and motivate more people than ever before, more often than ever before, and in more ways than ever before. And now we can position your personal sales message to these potential customers on all of our media platforms.

We promise to be your best LOCAL Marketing Partner. Period.
Our website is designed to bring our listeners and advertisers together. Listeners want to be able to find the latest news, information, sports and multi-media content when they want it. Each page is designed to reach a targeted audience, while giving your business optimum exposure.

MyFM Online Media Center
Delivering streamed and “On Demand” local content each and every day WORLD WIDE! Our new Media Center offers the best combination of audio/video/graphic media in the market.

MyFM E-Newsletter
If you are interested in enhancing your email marketing success rate, our 14-90 Society Loyal Listener Club now has over 5,000 members that we engage weekly via email for community event information as well as local business promotions. Our emails drive people back to the airwaves, back to our website, and yes, back to your important sales message.

MyFM Social Media
Of course we are also social. While mixing it up daily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, we provide our listeners, your customers, with updates on contests and giveaways, activities at the station and happenings in the community as well as information about your company or organization.

Steals and Deals Marketplace
The addition of the WMRC Steals 8: Deals Marketplace to our website allows us to provide a local radio online shopping experience for our listeners and your potential customers. With this local e-commerce option, we can now generate new revenue from every aspect of online sales.