John Wilbur
Business Development Specialist

What would ya say you do here? I work to build comprehensive multimedia marketing packages and programs to help local businesses not only survive but also thrive!!

Favorite Music: I love 80’s hair, 90’s Metal, Reggae, SKA, 50’s rock and roll, 60’s 70’s classic rock and Easy Listening Yacht Rock type and Island vibes calypso/steel drum.

Favorite movies: All of the Rocky Movies, Cheech and Chong up in Smoke, The Natural, Grease, Jaws, Braveheart.

Favorite TV shows: Happy Days, The Flintstones, Hell’s Kitchen, Deadliest catch, Law and Order SVU, 911, The Good Dr. and Ozark

Favorite Foods: Shrimp anything, Beef Filet, Chinese, Blueberries, peaches, Chicken, Ice cream.

Favorite local town and why: Franklin, it’s growth and friendly neighbors.

Favorite restaurants in the area: Goodstuff Smokehouse

Favorite local activities: All of the Community events, like pride days, town days, and great fundraisers.

Pet peeves: Full email boxes, repeated sentences and unrinsed dishes.

Guilty pleasures: Donuts

Reality show you would most likely be on: Hell’s Kitchen, The next game show host.

Where could we find you on a sunny weekend afternoon? The beach, a concert, a ballgame, Walking the dogs or in the arena as the PA announcer for several local pro teams.

Do you collect anything? Baseball cards, sports memorabilia, Pops, and Flintstone memorabilia.

Do you have any unique skills? I can lift or carry or move just about anything in some way somehow.

Best concert you attended: There has been so so many but the first one Motley Crue Theater of pain tour in 1985 is in the top three, ZIggy Marley, God Smack Private show at Lucky Strike Lanes on Lansdowne street, October of 2004. The day after the Red Sox completed the comeback win of the ALCS against the Yankees. The team was there Johnny Damon, Mike Timlin, Trot Nixon, Bill Miller, and so many more.

Words of wisdom: "You can’t live in that negative way, you must make room for the positive day!" by Bob Marley and "Live life to love, love life to live and tell as many people you can that you love them!" by Johnny WIlbur