Business Development Specialist

What would ya say you do here? Community Outreach - building partnerships with non-profits, business organizations and also build sales promotions to enhance these businesses and their impact on our regional communities.

Favorite Music: Love a variety from the Rat Pack through the 80’s, favorites are Sinatra, Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire & Journey

Favorite movies: Can ya say chick flicks? Steel Magnolias, The Proposal, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Father of the Bride, Sound of Music, Grease and of course the Princess Bride.

Favorite TV shows: That is tough pre-Netflix era, Mary Tyler Moore, Mad About You, Friends, Seinfeld & Gilmore Girls and now with streaming Grace & Frankie, Virgin River, Hart of Dixie and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Favorite Foods: Homemade pastas, gnocchi, Bolognese, lasagna & good Sicilian pizza

Favorite local town and why: Hopkinton & Ashland, I have lived in Hopkinton for over 25yrs and I grew up in Ashland.  I appreciate that both towns still have small town feel, always run into someone you know at the market or about town and each rally when there is a need in the community to offer support, keeps these two as my local favorites.

Favorite restaurants in the area: Local go to is TJ’s Spirits in Ashland, date nights are Aliciante, Café Sorrento and Gallifords.

Favorite local activities: Live music, local bands whether a concert in a park or pub.

Pet peeves: tailgaters and robocalls

Guilty pleasures: Prefer when able to take backroads vs highways to catch hidden gems and take in the drive.

Reality show you would most likely be on: My daughter and I love to watch Big Brother together and find the dynamics of different personalities and game play fun to watch.

Where could we find you on a sunny weekend afternoon? Summers in Wells ME and rest of the year usually at a community event from farmers markets, local music & arts.

Do you collect anything? I collect Telechron electric clocks, remember I grew up in Ashland home of the Clockers where Henry Warren invented the electric clock (Telechron).

Do you have any unique skills? I am a halfway decent nature photographer and do try to be very vested in my community.

Best concert you attended: My first concert was Laura Branigan at the Chateau deVille in Framingham as a college sophomore (1983) with a small group of friends and a great memory.  I have been to tons since but most memorable are ones in more intimate settings including Elton John performing acoustically for a charity event (2008), John Pizzarelli at Bull Run in Clinton (2018), James Taylor & Livingston Taylor at Berklee College and an all-time favorite was David Foster & Friends at Agassi Arena.

Words of wisdom: Be Kind, that simple not always easy but just Be Kind to one another.