Craig D’Alessandro
Executive Producer

What would ya say you do here?
I produce much of the live programing here at MyFM, particularly in the Sports Department. From Milford-Legion Baseball, to Hockomock Football & Basketball, that's me behind the scenes. I also help in keeping our social media as current as possible. You can hear me fill in on the Sports Buzz when either Matt or Dennis is off.

Favorite Music:
I am a sucker for anything Jazz related, Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus, Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald amongst my favorites.

Favorite movies:
TROPIC THUNDER!, Back to the Future Trilogy, Godfather 1 & 2, Collateral, Most Marvel Movies or any movie based on a comic book, Anything Adam Sandler did early in his career.

Favorite TV shows:
Basically anything FX or AMC has put out in the last five years, just quality programming from both networks!

Favorite books:
Oh...So many, but I would say my favorite one is my collection of baseball literature that I had to read in college, it quickly became my favorite thing to read.

Favorite Foods:
Obviously Italian food, find me something more comforting than Italian food, I dare you!

Favorite local town and why:
While I have spent my entire life in Milford, I would say my favorite local town is Franklin, which is where I spent the early part of my adulthood and gained most of my education, did you know they have the country's first Public Library?!

Favorite restaurants in the area:
I would not call it a restaurant but I really enjoy Ferrerra's Market over in Franklin. Restaurant 45 is also excellent.

Favorite local activities:
I loved it when I was 5, I love it today, the Mendon Twin Drive in is the best experience you can have around this area.

Pet peeves:
Traffic, bad beer, dumb T-shirt slogans, New York Jets fans

Guilty pleasures:
Tom Cruise movies, such a good actor.....and pizza....

Reality show you would most likely be on:
Biggest Loser, I tried for it when I was a teenager, Bring It Jillian!

Where could we find you on a sunny weekend afternoon?
Out in my backyard landscaping. We used to have a glorious vegetable garden in our back yard when I was a child, I expect to continue that!

Do you collect anything?
Old baseball memorabilia, my latest find: 1986 Red Sox Baseball....Yes, I know you do not want to talk about that team.

Do you have any unique skills?
Organizing, I love organizing things.

Best concert you attended:
When I used to go to summer camp they used to hold a concert for certain camps every year with some up and coming bands from around the country, while I do not remember their names anymore, they were most definitely the best concerts I have attended.

Words of wisdom:
"A sense of humor can help you cope with situations that otherwise may seem hopeless." Catherine Pulsifer